Easy Towns 2.1 – 2nd meeting International meeting RIJEKA, CROATIA- Day 2. Starting the day with a communication workshop by Vicenza experts Viviana and Francesca. After a – very welcome- coffee break visiting the Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral, workshop on one of the final products of the project : the Easy Towns Digital heritage travelling exhibition. Decision taking meeting on Easy Towns next activities and meeting in October ( 24-26.10.2019) in Vicenza. Since 3rd May is Rijeka liberation day the Easy Towners join a panel discussion on Youth and independent publishing: “ Anti-fascism then and now!” Followed by a “vernissage”, opening of the anarcho-communist fanzines exhibition from the collection of the Italian artist Giovanni Morbin. After having exchanged words of thanks and presents and a fine farewell dinner …. concert of partisan and anti-fascist songs in the Titov trg/Kont. A strong conclusion of a strong Easy Towns 2.0 meeting ! 1000 x Rijeka!