EASY TOWNS Finale VICENZA. 3rd day- 12.09.2017 – EU partners present the work done- the hightlights- in the course of the 3 years of project meetings. Giovanna Brunelli and Bernadette De Cat present future options and plans. The Mayor welcomes and wishes Goodluck together with Councellor of participation Signora Annamaria Cordova. Lunch is taken in the beautiful Town hall . Follows a guided city tour along the rich monumental Cultural heritage of Vicenza. Especially along Palladio's architectural wonders like the " teatro olimpico", the " basilica Palladino" , the villa's along Corso Palladio, the duomo… sunshine everywhere! A fine and animated dinner at Restaurant Malvasia, concluding Another successful project day! Grazie mille, Cara Federica Fontana e Il tuo team! E stato un piacere… Bernadette De Cat EU project coördinator