Today , 217.01.2018 , is HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL DAY. Heist-op-den-Berg is making a strong statement with the "Heist bouwt aan Vrede" project. Building Peace, respect , non- discrimination! For more than 10 years it has been creating Awareness, Empathy, Solidarity! It has uttered strong emotions of sadness, loss and grief with the 6 million people who suffered the extremest cruelty possible of a deviated philosophy and political system. It has taken a strong point of view: "Nie Wieder!" In
" Avond voor Vrede" and " Theater voor Vrede" coördinator Bernadette De Cat works with young people – artists in spe- to show, to touch, to cry, to take your breath away, to honour, to dance and sing and act in the most creative way to make people believe in PEACE as the only way. With respect for all the victims of war, all over history, all over the World!!! Welcome on 21.09 .2018 and 27 and 28.09. 2018 in CC Zwaneberg